😎 EmojiKon by Akon becomes this season´s hottest celeb emoji release.

¡Finally! A "smack that" emoji that you can send to your friends and relatives is here. Iconic singer, producer and songwriter Akon, owner of what is probably the most identifiable voice ever, now wants you to communicate using memorable phrases from his various hit songs like "hold my hand", "work hard play hard" and everyone´s favorite: "You´s a Sexy B****!".

EmojiKon is the latest in a series of celebrity inspired emojis that have hit digital stores, starting with the now classic "Kimoji" by Kim Kardashian and going all the way to the surreal, like white rapper Lil Dicky who also released his own emoji, not nearly as relevant as others.

The cool thing about EmojiKon is that you can feel the star´s involvement in the creative process, some of them are emojis that we had been waiting for, like a barking Doberman or a huge golden yacht that calls for a boat party. Also, the Akon emojis look exactly like him, and who doesn´t want to send a face palm emoji featuring Mr. Lonely?

Other noteworthy releases include Ariana Grande´s Arimoji, which is great if you´re a 14 year old girl, and The Game´s emOGis in case you have a pressing need to send an inappropriate selfie emoji to your ex.

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Akon was recently spotted at Dj Khaled´s birthday bash in Los Angeles alongside Diddy, Fergie and other A-list stars and is set to release a new mixtape with his Kovict Kartel roster in a week.

If you wanna get your EmojiKon game on you can download the app here:
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