Dr. Naysan Earns Crown Of Cosmetic Dentistry

Written by Madison Nagle

Dr. Daniel Naysan D.D.S has perfected the million-dollar smile and it appears celebrities are flocking to his office to see the truth for themselves. With cosmetic dentistry on the rise, especially amongst the young stars of Hollywood, Dr. Naysan has navigated his way to the top of the estimated $110 billion-dollar aesthetic industry.

With the admiration of stars like Swae Lee, Rich the Kid, Lil Pump, YG, Torey Lanez and Paris Hilton Dr. Naysan proves his “smile makeover” to be the best on the market. Utilizing leading-edge technology, Dr. Naysan offers clients this innovative procedure, curated specifically to individual patient needs. The procedure is performed through a combination of bespoke porcelain veneers, gum lifts, dental implants, cosmetic bonding and teeth whitening.

Taking care of the industry’s leading rappers for over a decade, Dr. Naysan counts many of them as friends. He recently transformed the smile of rapper Swae Lee after an accident that occurred during a performance in Texas. A fan in the front row threw her cellphone at Swae with the intent of having him take a selfie and tossing it back, but the cellphone was hauled with such force that it subsequently caused deep lacerations in his mouth and fractured his front teeth.

Swae Lee flew to Beverly Hills immediately following his Texas hospital visit to ensure that the right hands were used to fix his damaged smile.
“There is no one else I would trust with my smile,” Swae Lee said. “Dr. Daniel Naysan is the best in the game for smile makeovers. Thanks to him I was able to get my smile back and look even better than I did before my accident.”

Stressing the significance of facial harmony and symmetry, Dr. Naysan’s procedures are done to accentuate all facial features. Beyond the mouth, teeth and gums, he also considers the lips, nose and eyes in their relationship to each other and other facial features to create a smile that is harmony to your overall appearance.

He believes that the convergence of scientific standards and the principles of beauty not only deliver the perfect smile, but also provide patients with a psychological transformation in their personality once they have the confidence to smile.

“Your smile is what gives you charm, personality and character. Once that smile is affected, it takes away from one’s confidence and at the same time hinders the many positive attributes that make them appear healthy and happy,” Dr. Naysan said.

“My smile makeovers lead to a rebirth of patient self-confidence, which to me is life changing.”

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