Marble Swimwear And The Secrets Of The Summer

If you like to flaunt your beach body, and also care about protecting the ocean itself, this hot new swimwear trend is undoubtedly the answer to your prayers.

Sustainability has become the number one concern for enlightened fashionistas who dare not sacrifice the earth´s fragile balance for some cool threads, however thanks to forward-thinking, yet deeply style oriented brands such as Marble Swimwear, compromising product for preservation is no longer the only option.

Handmade with love in Bali, all of Marble´s eye catching bikinis are crafted with a special fiber, manufactured from recycled plastics such as abandoned fishing nets and water bottles which also happens to be more durable and effective, which means both the planet and your bank account stand to benefit.

Take it from the experts, the secrets of the summer are to be found in the sweet space between alluring style, superior manufacturing quality and conscious consumption.

Better for you, and better for the earth.

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