Alshair Fiyaz Redifines Luxury & Sport Experience After Acquiring Polo Club Saint Tropez

For entrepreneur Alshair Fiyaz, empire building has become part of his persona. After launching a massively successful investment firm, Fiyaz went on to become the owner of the beautifully crafted super yacht, the profound M/Y Ecstasea. And while these accomplishments are impressive enough, Fiyaz added yet another grand accolade to his name after pursuing his passions once again—owner of Polo Club Saint Tropez in the South of France.

As an established fixture among the community of Saint Tropez, Fiyaz felt he had no choice but to seize the opportunity to purchase the Polo Club when he had the chance in 2014. Five years after acquiring the renowned club, Fiyaz has managed to turn the gem into one of the most prominent and prestigious sporting clubs in the South of France, complete with countless amenities. From world-class sport to decadence and class, the Polo Club Saint Tropez fires on all cylinders, offering its patrons every luxury imaginable.

Despite his acumen for business, his decision to purchase the club stemmed purely from his passions for not only sports, but also for the community and surrounding the countryside, the clients, players and patrons. With an unbridled vision for the club’s potential, Fiyaz’s desire led him to turn it into a world-class facility.

“It’s a picturesque property. It would be a crime not to make it into something that is not beautiful,” Fiyaz says. “As they say, if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.”
After constructing substantial additions to the infrastructure of the sporting club, Fiyaz has been able to attract a high caliber of polo players, which, in turn has contributed to the success of the establishment. With the club in its most superb state, Fiyaz aims to maintain an elite social and sporting club experience for all patrons of the Polo Club Saint Tropez.

“The job now is to keep finding ways to improve the club even more, and—at the same time—to ensure that polo patrons, players, sponsors and spectators can benefit from what we have done and what we have to offer,” Fiyaz says.

Moving forward, Fiyaz’s Polo Club Saint Tropez strives to continue to elevate the sporting club experience, delivering excellence along the glamorous shores of Saint Tropez in everything they do from their competitions, service, location and more.

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