How Endo Rally Is Making Waves In The Luxury Leisure Event Space

Every so often, creative and determined entrepreneurs set out to devise unforgettable experiences that can be enjoyed and shared by key players across some of the most influential industries. Endo Rally is precisely that.

For founders Matt King and Trevor Johnson, the opportunity to bring together a select group of founders, investors and executives for a once in a lifetime experience was simply to good to pass on.

This is how the first ever Endo Rally event came to life, a unique and highly enticing event format that integrates the world´s finest automobile brands with a handpicked group of prolific business luminaries for an unforgettable gala of luxury, networking and high octane fun.

The Endo Rally is the world’s first ever cannabis-centric super car rally. Accessible by invitation-only, participation will be limited to up to one hundred of the world’s leading cannabis executives and investors. Running from December 9th through the 11th, participants will gain access to 50 of the most elite supercars in the world and will enjoy both track and road rallying through the Southwest desert, beginning in Los Angeles and ending in Las Vegas at MJ Biz Con, the largest cannabis business conference in the world.

If creating an exclusive event format wasn´t enough, the masterminds behind Endo Rally also decided to include a game changing philanthropic element to their unique endeavor.

The Endo Rally’s core mission is to raise awareness of the human endocannabinoid system and the myriad benefits of stimulating it. The main goal is to forge a community of executives, leaders, and policy makers from cannabis companies, funds, regulatory agencies, and adjacent industries including Pharma, Alcohol, Tobacco, and CPG in order to foster meaningful business relationships that advance cannabis medicine, science, and commerce.

Recognizing that much work lays ahead of society to understand the medical benefits of cannabis use, as well as the troubling history of prohibition in a variety of communities, Endo Rally will donate a minimum of 10% of net proceeds to charities working toward progress in three distinct communities: communities adversely affected by the war on drugs, children and families struggling with epilepsy and special forces veterans.

Start your engines and get ready to experience the impact of an innovative and groundbreaking luxury leisure event that will also secure positive outcomes for vulnerable sectors of our society.

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