The Whisky Cask Company Is Revolutionizing Niche Investments

This new and profitable trend is attracting knowledgeable collectors with spirits of the highest integrity.

For centuries Scotch Whisky has been the beverage of choice of accomplished individuals in the upper echelons of society, but only recently the renowned spirit has gained popularity as a viable and attractive investment.

In London, The Whisky Cask Company has started a new global trend, seamlessly connecting passionate collectors with the most celebrated selections of Whisky, according to its website, the company acquires the highest quality new make spirit from distilleries based around the five whisky-making regions of Scotland — Speyside, Highlands, Lowlands, Islay, and Campbeltown.

This in combination with rare and exclusive casks from around the world as well as specially selected maturation environments allows the company to create valuable and original products.

For Alexander Johnson, an accomplished investor and founder of the Whisky Cask Company, delivering a superior experience to each and every collector has been the driving force behind his commitment to uphold the standards of excellence that have defined his brand from the beginning.

By painstakingly selecting, sourcing and allowing the finest Scotch Whisky selections to mature before delivering each cask to its final owner, the process is complete and collectors are allowed to enjoy an innovative investment option that has started to spread around exclusive circles.

“In short, The Whisky Cask Company is expanding into the US, in the UK market we have made good progress by offering collectors whisky by cask. We have also been using whisky as a form of collateral within financial instruments.

Whisky in cask is gaining older age designations the longer you leave it. It becomes rarer and rarer as it becomes older and continues to evolve as a more complex aged spirit. Once whisky is put into a bottle it stops to age and can be left pretty much indefinitely.” – Alexander Johnson explains.
By consolidating this investment model, The Whisky Cask Company has effectively redefined the world of rare spirits.

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