How B Jets Is Revolutionizing The Private Air Travel Industry.

Private aviation has most certainly become a booming industry in recent times, as high and ultra-high net worth individuals strive to simplify their travel arrangements, seeking not only safety and convenience, but also a premium experience all around.

However, as this multi-million-dollar industry flourishes, the knowledgeable customer also faces a crossroads. A great number of firms offer private aviation services to VIP clients, but only a handful truly understand and respect the patron´s right to receive the best possible service.

For Michael Babil, an accomplished entrepreneur and CEO of BJETS customer service has always been a top priority, and providing a seamless private transportation experience has become a calling card of this innovative company.

We spoke with Mr. Babil about the industry and his insights:

What do you think is the most exciting development in private aviation for 2020?

Continuous technological advances that will lead to a greater environmental impact. The launch of new aircrafts that minimize carbon footprint... along with advancements in AI.

What makes your company different?

We are a boutique private jet company that focuses on attention to detail.... Providing efficiency and flexibility on how are clients travel... knowing every aspect to our clients needs... Personalized/white glove interaction with our clients from inception to the end of the trips

How long has the company been operational and what have been some of its milestones?

I've been in the private aviation business for 15 years... and found BJETS in 2008 in the middle of recession. We have seen positive growth since day one. In an extremely disloyal space we take pride in still servicing clients that have been booking jets with us since day one, showing loyalty to our company.

What would you say has been the most effective way to increase your customer base?

Word of mouth... If you are using our services its because someone spoke highly of our entity and you gave us a try... Once you book with us our clients never look back.

Any big news for this year?

Expanding personal globally, and developing a more efficient way to book private jets thru the internet.

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