Bryan M. Goldstein explains: If You Are Getting Divorced, You Need to Keep This in Mind.

Have you or someone you know ever had this thought: How did I get here!? I thought my marriage was going to last forever.

It seems like just yesterday we were getting married, hand in hand, celebrating with friends and family. Now, I find myself at the brink of divorce!

Relationships require work and carry tremendous emotional and psychological weight. But divorce, the dissolution of the relationship could be even harder! Not only will you have to put your own personal romantic disappointment aside, but you will also be forced to navigate a complex legal landscape which might exacerbate feelings of anxiety, anger, doubt or a general sense of feeling overwhelmed as you find yourself looking for the right thing to do.

In an interview with leading New York matrimonial attorney Bryan M. Goldstein, he shared wise words to help you through this trying time. Bryan recently received recognition from the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys, “Top 10 Under 40” and is truly someone you can turn to. You do not have to go through your divorce alone!
“Maintaining calmness, logic, and rational thinking are critical. Without it, emotion and reaction take over which will distract from the issues at hand.”
Keep in mind that this sounds easier than it is, you will be tempted to lose focus, your temper or worse, your peace of mind; The right divorce lawyer acts as a shield against the cognitive exhaustion that comes with complicated procedures. Remember, you are not alone. People from all walks of life have endured the collapse of a once happy marriage.
“Representation must be all encompassing and provide a source of security and peace of mind, regardless of the complexity of the matter at hand."
In Goldstein’s interview we identified 3 key components necessary to remember while going through this life change.

First, you have support. It will be okay. A good family law attorney will unburden you from stress; taking on the challenges, leading you through the process, educating you on the issues, and fighting for you until the end.

Second, while emotion is usually an element, being able to manage those emotions is important and allows us to focus on the ultimate objective. Goldstein affirms, “a good attorney will be your teammate. The more united we are in understanding your position and goals, the more success you will have in achieving your desired outcome.”

Third, you should seek representation. You may be nervous and scared because of uncertainty the first time meeting with a family law attorney. As the process goes on, those emotions will turn into relief, freedom and optimism, leading into the next chapter of your life. “I often see a drastic change in my clients, whether it be one month later, one year later or three years later, it is incredibly rewarding to be a part of this journey. In the beginning, when I tell clients they will eventually feel liberated, it's hard for them to imagine. When they later recall that initial conversation, they thank me for always having their back and getting them to where they needed to be.”

It is OKAY that your marriage did not last. Time to focus on yourself. Try making a list of all the new things YOU want to experience. In the meantime, if you are looking for someone to lean on we hope you turn to Bryan Goldstein.
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