Live Commerce Pioneers: Dappz Sports Projects $20 Mil Gross in 2023

By Los Angeles Magazine There’s an innovative sensation in Los Angeles that is sure to become a household name very soon. Dappz Sports, located right here in the heart of Los Angeles, on Melrose Avenue, is a live shopping pioneer and the largest cross-platform media company in the trading cards and sports memorabilia hobby. The company is expected to gross $20 million by the end of 2023 and has found its niche selling sports collectibles in live streams on TikTok and Twitch.

Dappz Sports founder and CEO Matt “Dappz” McGuckin shared with us that “The $20 million milestone is simply a reflection of our commitment to innovation, customer engagement, and pioneering trends that move the e-commerce landscape forward.” He cited Dappz Sports’ new partnerships with eBay, TikTok, and Fanatics as exciting moves for the company, and drivers of increased revenue.

Dappz Sports is currently one of the top two sellers on TikTok. The company started selling sports memorabilia on the platform in 2019, before TikTok had created its live shopping function. Dappz Sports saw the opportunity to live shop before any other business and carved out a space for itself as an innovative company. The company now has six 24/7 selling live streams on TikTok. Its sales have tripled in the last year, from $6 million in 2022 to a projected $20 million in 2023.

Dappz started Dappz Sports in 2019, selling sports collectibles from his bedroom. He grew the company through live shopping into what it is today, a multi-million dollar operation based in Los Angeles. Dappz Sports has become the largest company in the trading card and sports memorabilia niche. The company is focused mainly on rare trading cards and has over one million followers across social media platforms, proving this hobby is popular and lucrative.

He capitalized on the COVID-19 pandemic, creating a system that allows customers to shop from the safety of their homes while still experiencing the excitement of live shopping. Trading card enthusiasts are able to watch as the host of the live stream opens packs of cards to show off whichever rare ones are up for grabs. The whole experience is thrilling and drew in many customers new to the hobby during 2020.

High-profile Dappz Sports friends and fans include multi-millionaire DJ Steve Aoki. When Topps released its Star Wars Galaxy Chrome Box in 2022, it sent Aoki on the hunt for some very specific cards. He turned to Dappz to personally help him secure the purchase of a one-of-one Yoda card, valued at $15,000. The market for Star Wars trading cards has grown over the last few years and Dappz Sports has become well known for supporting its growth and boosting its current popularity across its Dappz Galaxy streams.

Aside from live shopping streams, Dappz Sports is also building a community of collectors and sports and entertainment memorabilia enthusiasts. Dappz Sports gives its fanbase the opportunity to interact with their sports idols who sometimes participate in live streams to help sell their collectibles.

Dappz is confident that Dappz Sports’ recent success is only the beginning. Securing more high-profile customers, landing new partnerships, and increasing revenue are all on the horizon for Dappz Sports.

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