Dr. Cat Begovic: Empowering Women through Plastic Surgery and Beyond

In the heart of Beverly Hills, a transformative force in plastic surgery is reshaping not just bodies, but also the lives of countless women. Meet Dr. Cat Begovic – a mother, wife, Harvard and UCLA graduate, creator of MD GLAM, and the star of E!'s "Dr. 90210." Her journey, marked by academic brilliance, medical expertise, and a deep commitment to women's empowerment, makes her one of the most intriguing figures in modern cosmetic surgery.

A Journey of Determination and Excellence

Dr. Cat's path to becoming a celebrated plastic surgeon began in high school, volunteering at a local hospital. Her first encounter with surgery in the operating room ignited a passion that would shape her career. A rebellious spirit combined with academic prowess led her to exceptional achievements: a perfect SAT score, recognition as one of the top 25 high school students in the USA, and being a Presidential Scholar, which included twice visiting the White House.

Her academic journey took her to Harvard, where she graduated with honors in Molecular and Cellular Biology, and then to UCLA for medical school. At UCLA, Dr. Cat delved into head and neck surgery, and later plastic surgery, distinguishing herself in one of the nation's top training programs.

Pioneering in Plastic Surgery

Dr. Cat's expertise in plastic surgery is not just about technical skill; it's about an artistic vision that ensures minimal bruising, nearly invisible scars, and quick recovery. With a following of 1.2 million on social media, she shares her live surgeries and meticulous techniques, captivating a large audience. She specializes in natural-looking tummy tucks and is a pioneer in vaginal cosmetic surgery.

Her approach is unique – she's known for being a perfectionist who demands the best outcomes. Her transparent and caring manner has earned her an international patient base, with nearly half traveling from around the world for her services.

MD GLAM: A Testament to Beauty and Science

Dr. Cat's expertise extends beyond surgery. She's a skincare and beauty expert, having conducted extensive research in anti-aging. As the founder of MD GLAM, her skincare line reflects her understanding of self-care and compassion. Her involvement in anti-aging research at UCLA, coupled with her presentations at national conferences and publications, cements her status as an authority in this field.

Championing Women's Empowerment

Beyond her professional achievements, Dr. Cat is a fervent advocate for women's empowerment. Her social media platforms serve as a gathering space for women to support and celebrate each other. She emphasizes the importance of self-reflection, care, personal growth, and family. Her message is clear and inspiring: "Whatever you can dream, you can accomplish. Believe in yourself, pursue it from a place of love and truth, and do it with self-caring and self-compassion."

A New Voice in Media

Dr. Cat is not just a surgeon; she's a storyteller. Her appearances on the new "Dr. 90210" show on E!, “The Doctor’s” TV show, and other media outlets, showcase the emotional depth and transformative power of plastic surgery. She offers a perspective that transcends physical change, highlighting life transformations and the intimate doctor-patient relationship.

A Surgeon with a Heart

At her Beverly Hills clinic, Dr. Cat and her team prioritize understanding the unique needs of each patient. She believes plastic surgery is a blend of science, art, and creativity. Her philosophy extends to every aspect of patient care, from consultation to post-surgery support. As Dr. Cat puts it, "being a surgeon is more than using a scalpel or suturing. It’s sharing a life-changing transformation and improving someone’s quality of life."


Dr. Cat Begovic stands as a testament to the power of dedication, skill, and compassion. Her journey from a high-achieving student to a world-renowned plastic surgeon and women's advocate is not just inspiring but also transformative. In the hands of Dr. Cat, plastic surgery becomes more than a physical change – it’s a gateway to empowerment, confidence, and a new lease on life.

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