From Spiritual Disconnection to Healing and Wholeness

Divine healing is a skill that transcends mere physical recovery. It delves into the realms beyond the soul and spirit, recognizing the ancient mechanisms of our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. The community of TwinRay beckons us to explore the profound potential of this human spirit in its quest for healing and wholeness.

For the majority of my life, I experienced an unfathomable sense of disconnection, a longing to bridge the gap between my physical self and my inner spirit. It was like my body had no physical wounds, but the iniquities of my spirit were countless. Once I experienced the first meditation under the leadership of Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, I was no longer searching for what was already there. Beckoned, I took the first step on the path of divine healing. Something that would soon transform my previous understanding of the energetic dissonance of the universe and the incredible healing potential we all possess.

Majestic mastery aligns us with the knowledge of the source, a full knowing that healing is not a process of curing symptoms but a carefully constructed journey of restoration and rejuvenation that encompasses our entire being. But this path should not be trodden lightly as it holds a power which is truly remarkable.

I remember the moment when I first immersed myself in the teachings and practices of divine healing. It was as if I had tapped into a wellspring of vitality and transformation. I realized that our bodies are not mere physical vessels but intricate energy systems, and the health of these systems is vital for our overall well-being.

The practice of channeling and balancing this energy of the prana became an intrinsic part of my healing journey. As the beloved leaders Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji walked me through a series of techniques, steeped in ancient traditions far beyond the scope of Reiki, breathwork, and meditation, I learned to tap into this universal energy, expressing it as healing and renewal. A confirmation that our bodies were created as powerful beings with infinite wisdom that can heal itself.

A true blessing in the abundant wisdom of the universe, TwinRay reminds us that that true path of healing encourages us to see our physical ailments as manifestations of imbalances in our energetic systems. Carried from various factors, such as stress, negative emotions, or environmental influence, Sanandaji and Shekinah Ma teach us to catalyze these imperfections and restore them to a place of deep harmony.

Skeptic at first, I was overcome with amazement once I realized the full capacity of the human power to lay hands or remove the ties that energetically bind others. My own eyes have seen the relief felt by others who have encountered this magnificent blessing. Countless truths lie in the person of harmonic resonance in the alignment of our body, mind, and spirit, fostering a profound sense of harmony and well-being.

I have also discovered that as new doors to the path of alignment reveal themselves, we are moved ever closer to our cosmic path designed by the creator. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji with their energetic blessings create miracles before us as they continue to teach us to harness our own energy that we may restore another’s. At the same time, we learn the immense importance of how negative thoughts and emotional burdens can create blockages in our energy systems, impeding the natural flow of healing energy.

As an individual previously mired in strife, I quickly learned to harness the power of intention, affirmation, and mindfulness, shifting my thought patterns and emotional responses. An immense burden was lifted, finally allowing me to release the emotional baggage I had been carrying for years. At once I was liberated as my body and spirit danced in harmony, lifted from the burdens of the past.

No longer just an unproven suggestion, for I have learned that the universe is not a random collection of matter and energy. It is a breathing, living, synchronistic web of consciousness. The divine source of ultimate intelligence designed by the creator to facilitate our cosmic rejuvenation via healing amid our intentions and actions.

I was in a song of deep meditation, strengthened by listening to the transcendent and soothing voices and receiving the blessings of the beautiful beloveds Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji, when I felt an indescribable connection to this universal intelligence. My entire body felt as if it was in communion with a higher power guiding and assisting in the healing process. I could barely contain the level of awe and reverence that I felt as I witnessed the energy flow from my hands into the vortex created by the spiritual guides that day.

The divine also teaches us that to truly explore the power of healing, we must acknowledge the consciousness of the heart and its role in the healing process. Re-igniting the universal truth that love is the most potent healing force in the universe. A catalyzing force bearing profound transformations in our lives. One cannot truly experience the heart-centered healing that takes place around the world, without cultivation of a deep sense of love and compassion for us and others.

I cried when I witnessed for the first time how the power of love could melt away barriers and resistance within me. Allowing me to forgive and let go of past grievances, fostering a sense of inner peace and freedom. From that moment forward love became the driving force behind my healing journey, radiating outwards, touching the lives of those around me.

To consider this a journey of self-improvement wouldn’t begin to encompass the powerful experience that shapes so many in this world and beyond. A journey of true reflection of the power of coherence, it can only be described as a small token of the cosmic miracles that await each of us on the path to master that which lies within thine own self. Shekinah Ma and Sanandaji you are the true definition of a blessing to this era of existence. May we all follow your path and forever follow our soul journey among you.
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