Magic Johnson Keynote Highlights Black History Week Celebrations

When Rave Speakers confirmed NBA and Business Legend Magic Johnson for a recent Black History Month corporate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion keynote speech in St. Louis, few knew the impact that this amazing storyteller was about to leave. Anchored by the announcement of Magic as the keynote speaker, the audience soared to over 10,000 both in-person and online for this major financial services organization.

As the Director of Inclusion at this firm shared:

“Magic brought his own special insight, and it was a terrific way to continue the learning journey we are on together. It’s amazing how much we find we have in common, as we hear and share with each other our experiences.”

Magic's journey as an NBA legend, entrepreneur and author is one of perseverance and purpose. So much of what he discussed aligned with the work our firm and our colleagues are doing every day to create impact and leave places better than we found them.

Here are three of my favorite nuggets from Magic’s remarks:

If you want to be a winner, play as a team. Magic said, "we all have to play as a team to make the world a better place." That resonates! At our firm, we are playing to win – for our clients, our colleagues and the communities we serve. When we work together, our impact is even more significant. That's why we're committed to creating a place where we all play as a team to serve our clients more completely.

Be open to change. When a colleague asked for Magic's advice on what we all could be doing daily to better ourselves, he said that while it can be hard, when we embrace change, good things can happen. It might sometimes feel scary, but change is when growth happens.

Be your authentic self. Get clear on what matters to you – on your “why” – and fully lean into it. This sense of purpose shows up in your actions, helps you build meaningful relationships, and allows you to bring your best self to everything you do. For our firm, purpose is at the forefront of our culture, and we strive for an environment where every person feels heard, understood, valued and respected for who they are.”

Having a multi-faceted Billionaire Businessman available to speak his truths about Inclusion and so much more is important to audiences of any size. Bravo, Magic!

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