Felipe Vasquez's Strategy: How The Phone Up Studios Is Redefining Music Production Standards

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The music industry is long overdue for disruption, and few are redefining the standards of music production as much as entertainment company and record label The Phone Up Studios, led by CEO and music business visionary Felipe Vasquez. With a commitment to innovation that extends beyond the music the company produces, The Phone Up Studios is changing the music industry for the better in terms of how it treats its artists.

Putting artists first and supporting emerging voices

Unfortunately, the music industry's status quo is hostile to up-and-coming artists. The same “legacy” record labels have controlled the business for years, and while some artists have defied the odds and become massively successful after humble beginnings, these stories are few and far between. Often, these labels throw new artists into the deep end, failing to support them with the resources and guidance they need to pave the way for themselves in the crowded entertainment landscape.

This is why Vasquez made it his mission through The Phone Up Studios to work exclusively with up-and-coming artists, many of whom come from underrepresented backgrounds. Vasquez likes to think of his business as an “artists-first” record label, as every aspect of its business model is in place to support artists and foster their growth in an industry that is notoriously challenging to reach new heights in.

“We are relentless advocates for the unfiltered voices, the unrestrained visions, and the unapologetic authenticity that reside within every budding artist,” says Vasquez. “Our goal is to propel our artists towards boundless possibilities and transformative success.” Indeed, The Phone Up Studios’s website affirms that the company’s passion is to “turn singers into artists,” and this is made evident through the actions of every member of the company’s staff.

Creative and financial support for recording artists

From a musical standpoint, The Phone Up Studios offers an incredible level of support to its artists in the recording studio, helping them turn their musical ideas into reality. Artists who work with The Phone Up Studios work with an experienced, dedicated, and talented team of engineers, producers, and graphic designers. They also have access to an extensive network of industry contacts who provide support and mentorship on their path to becoming successful musical artists.

Perhaps the most important reason artists are drawn to work with The Phone Up Studios, however, is the financial support they receive, which is virtually unparalleled in the industry — especially for emerging talent. The Phone Up Studios’s model is designed to put more money back into the pockets of artists, while the benefits package — including extensive paid time off and parental leave, full medical coverage, gym membership reimbursement, and career development opportunities — helps them meet their personal needs while pursuing their professional goals.

The Phone Up Studios’s multifaceted nature also provides unique benefits to artists. In addition to the record label, The Phone Up Studios also operates a fully functional fashion brand and entertainment division.

Regarding the fashion brand, this gives The Phone Up Studios’s artists a unique advantage in merchandising support. The company’s online store serves as a home for not only the brand’s unique designs (which boast just as much creativity as its artists’ music) but also for artists’ merchandise and their latest music. This synergistic approach presents an incredible opportunity that few emerging artists receive elsewhere.

The Phone Up Studios's entertainment division is also in production on several film projects, including the stoner comedy “Smoke Out,” the docuseries “Welcome to Hell,” and the horror film “Tyler Kills.” Of course, the film studio is partnering with musical artists from the record label to commission original music for the soundtrack, giving the artists yet another exciting chance to showcase their talents.

An innovative disruptor in the music industry

This extraordinary level of support has drawn countless artists from a wide variety of perspectives and musical genres to work with The Phone Up Studios. The company has worked with artists in genres ranging from hip-hop to rap, pop, classical, freestyle, alternative, and more. However, regardless of the type of music they create, the artists who work with The Phone Up Studios are incredibly creative and at the forefront of innovation in music and entertainment.

With his revolutionary approach for The Phone Up Studios, Felipe Vasquez has established himself as a visionary in the music business who isn’t afraid to set a new standard for what it means to achieve success in music production. From support in the recording studio to unmatched compensation and business opportunities, artists who work with The Phone Up Studios have everything they could need to build a successful career as a musical artist. In this way, Vasquez’s impact on the entertainment industry is profound as he continues to help make aspiring musicians’ dreams come true.

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