Why Fundraising University is the Perfect Solution For Your Youth Sports Organization

Fundraising University, a company that regularly assists team organizations and athletics programs in raising funds, has lived up to the hype for the hundreds of high school sports teams and youth programs the company has helped raise much-needed funds.

Understanding the scope of Fundraising University’s services requires a deeper look at youth and academic-driven sports programs across our country. Teams, players, coaches, and parents will always need to invest time and money into these endeavors, and that alone can create problems from the get-go.

The Art of Fundraising and Why It’s Necessary

While the art of fundraising has existed for centuries, the breadth of youth and teen sports has yet to. Studies show that between 2020 and 2022, over 50% of our country’s youth aged six to seventeen participated in some level of an organized sports team. Additionally, around 60 million children are registered to play youth sports in the U.S.

In a survey of 1,000 adults in the United States, 81% believe sports are an essential institution and a staple of American life. Bottom line? Sports do not appear to be going away soon, and nobody’s complaining. However, as more organized sports teams arise in the United States and more high schools and school districts across the country widen their recreational programs, the costs increase.

For this reason, we’ve seen an influx of local community-driven efforts to cover the various costs of both academic and recreation sports programs. Many don’t realize this process often presents numerous challenges for specific programs, preventing them from obtaining uniforms, gear, a location to play, and other necessities.

The Reality of Fundraisers For Sports Programs

Many fundraisers and community efforts to obtain necessary funds for a sports team need a guiding figure or chief operator who facilitates the process. Often, a coach asks players to spread the word, or a parent meeting highlights local ideas. Yet, these initiatives can quickly fall short without proper planning.

Some communities may feature a fundraising leader specializing in these efforts and prioritizing assisting local school districts and their student body. These individuals can be from parent-teacher organizations (PTOs), school district administrations, or small-scale businesses that partner with more prominent charitable associations. However, fundraising for a sports team is not a one-person job; it requires a team that knows exactly how to draw in funds and where to allocate them.

The Role of Fundraising University For Sports Programs

Fundraising University consists of coaches and former athletes who understand the pain points of funding sports programs. They’ve witnessed these efforts firsthand, whether successful or not. Now, the company fashions a large team of experts with detailed experience raising money through fundraisers.

Unlike third-party associations who may see a sports fundraiser as a way to earn money for themselves, Fundraising University’s reasoning behind their services is simple: it’s for the kids. The company wants to see children succeed through what it considers a vital aspect of childhood and development.

So, how do they directly help sports programs? Fundraising University teams up with coaches and recreational administrators across the country to facilitate fundraiser operations, which include initial planning, costs, product delivery, and repeat fundraisers in the future.

Fundraising University Carries the Workload So You Don’t Have To

In addition to the difficulties of successfully conducting small-scale fundraiser campaigns, they also require significant amounts of time and energy for those involved. This stress alone can leave administrators or coaches without the proper time to focus on the players, the next game, or an upcoming tournament. Sports players and coaches know that when a critical match or tourney awaits, there’s no time for distractions.

Fundraising University works to alleviate these distractions by removing the load and stress leaders endure when running a crucial fundraiser for their program. This way, the team can focus on their goals and visions while leaving the nitty gritty details to the professionals. In return, players and coaches can keep their mind where it belongs—on the game.

Fundraising University Lets You Choose a Desired Fundraiser

One potential issue coaches and team leaders face when opting for a third-party fundraising company is the creative input they provide. Often, these figures don’t want to initiate a campaign where they feel disinterested or blindsided by the product they offer to raise money. They want it to be what they desire.

Fortunately, Fundraising University lets you choose what fundraiser style you wish to conduct. Whether a team sells cookie dough or apparel, leaders can choose from the start. They can relay the exact specifications to the Fundraising University team well before the campaign begins with customized ideas.

Fundraising University Has The Statistics to Prove Its Success

It is perfectly reasonable for any sports team leader or coach interested in Fundraising University’s services to clearly understand how much money they can expect to raise per campaign, how long a campaign takes, or how often they can initiate a new one.

Fundraising University has precise data regarding these facets and is confident that the statistics live up to the hype. For example, the company states they can raise $200-$250 per student/player with a 1-week fundraiser. As the company’s many testimonials state, this is almost guaranteed to become a reality.

To be more specific, Fundraising University only requires a minimum of ten students or players to partner with a sports program or school district. However, they’ve helped entire schools, including unique fundraisers surpassing 1,000 children or teens.

Most Fund U initiatives last seven to ten days, but the specifications may vary depending on size, scale, and location. Before diving into any campaign or fundraising effort, coaches and team leaders should cover all bases.

Fundraising University Is Always Ready to Take Your Call

Partnering with Fundraising University is as easy as making an initial call or visiting their website to fill out a fundraiser form. From there, individuals can choose whether to get involved in franchising, fundraising, or corporate rep programs and describe their vision in more detail. Then, an agent from the company will contact you directly to get more information about the specifics.

Interested readers should visit fundraisingu.net/contact to inquire about any potential fundraisers or campaigns.

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