Shandi Peter De Costa Joins Yamashiro Hollywood

By:Olivia Nerpouni

In the midst of Hollywood glitz and glamor lies Yamashiro, a unique culinary destination where Japanese tradition thrives, and diners find themselves immersed in one-of-a-kind views of the city of Los Angeles. Here, guests will meet Chef Shandi Peter De Costa, the master behind exquisite sushi creations at Yamashiro Hollywood. With a passion for Japanese cuisine ingrained in his soul, Chef De Costa’s voyage from Poland to becoming a champion sushi chef reflects his relentless dedication to serving only the best dishes to his guests at Yamashiro.

Chef De Costa’s obsession with Japanese cuisine began with a years-long admiration for the work of sushi chefs around the world. Immersing himself in the artistry of sushi-making, he meticulously studied the craft, honing his techniques to perfection. While his initial foray into the culinary world led him to pursue studies in Hospitality Management, his heart was captivated by the intricacy of Japanese cuisine, ultimately making it his sole career focus. Driven by a quest for mastery, Chef De Costa embarked on an expedition for the prestigious Bronze Certification in Japanese Cuisine. He won it, fair and square, and the milestone distinguished him as the first sushi chef from Poland to achieve such an acclaimed title. As an ardent ambassador of Japanese culinary traditions, Chef De Costa intends to spread the essence of this revered cuisine to every corner of the globe. In Monaco, France – the passionate chef was named ‘The Most Skilled Sushi Chef’ in the European Sushi Championship in 2023. He also received the title of being the ‘#1 Skilled Sushi Chef in Europe’; ranking overall third place in the European Sushi Championship in 2023.

For Chef De Costa, culinary excellence is his top priority, as reflected by his participation in esteemed competitions such as the World Sushi Cup Japan. Earning a coveted spot among the elite ranks of sushi chefs worldwide, Chef De Costa’s journey to the top was paved with rigorous examinations and competitions, including the demanding Sushi Proficiency test and the challenging Kuro-Obi exam. In 2019, Chef De Costa showcased his skill by earning a top-10 position in the Poland Sushi Cup, setting the stage for his rise in the culinary arena. However, it was in 2022 that Chef De Costa etched his name in sushi history by securing first place in the Kuro-Obi exam, propelling him to represent his country on the global stage at World Sushi Cup Japan. The pinnacle of Chef De Costa’s career came in 2023 when he emerged triumphant as the second-place champion of the World Sushi Cup Japan, a momentous achievement that solidified his status as a master of sushi. Among his many other awards, Chef De Costa is most proud of his accomplishments at the World Sushi Cup Japan and he hopes to return to the competition in the future. With unwavering dedication, Chef De Costa continues to push the boundaries of sushi-making, now bringing his passion for life to Yamashiro Hollywood.

At the center of Chef De Costa’s creative philosophy lies his loyalty to tradition and authenticity. Pulling inspiration from Japanese culinary heritage, he carefully crafts each dish with precision, ensuring that every bite is a delightful experience for the senses. The variety of options offered on the Yamashiro menu ensures that there is something for every taste bud to enjoy, and Chef De Costa is dedicated to making guests feel satisfied with each meal.

Reflecting on his career thus far, Chef De Costa acknowledges the challenges and sacrifices that have allowed him to grow as a chef. Yet, with humility and determination, he remains confident in his pursuit of creative excellence, recognizing that the path to mastery is an ongoing journey. Looking towards the future, Chef De Costa is excited to begin working with new types of fish being transported to LA from Japan as summer approaches. Yamashiro Hollywood will be the first restaurant to present these new sushi dishes, and Chef De Costa is thrilled to announce the new menu items. In the luxurious halls of Yamashiro Hollywood, Chef De Costa’s culinary creations elevate sushi-making to an art form celebrated by connoisseurs worldwide.

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