Holiday Streaming Guide: Must Watch Kidoodle.TV Shows to Cozy Up With

As the holiday season twinkles into view, families gather, traditions bloom afresh, and the cozy warmth of shared stories beckons children and adults alike to screens around the world. The joy of these moments is something that Neil Gruninger, CEO of A Parent Media Co. Inc. (APMC) and one of the creators behind Kidoodle.TV®, knows well. This year, Kidoodle.TV is poised to become the heart of holiday family entertainment with a curated selection of shows guaranteed to kindle the spirit of the season.

"During these festive times, families are not just looking for entertainment, but for experiences that bond,” says Gruninger. “Our lineup is more than a collection of shows; it's a tapestry of narratives, emotions, and learning moments wrapped in the safety of a platform parents can trust."

Here is your ultimate guide to must-watch Kidoodle.TV shows that promise to enchant the entire family:

1. The Elf on the Shelf® & Friends Embark on a North Pole adventure with Santa’s Scout Elf® crew and the Elf Pets® in a series of animated shorts and catchy music videos. "The wonder and magic of enigmatic elves capture the imagination, making the tradition of 'Elf on the Shelf' come alive for kids," shares Gruninger.

2. BabyShark & Christmas Songs Get ready to sing and dance along with Baby Shark and friends through a holiday spectacle of carols and cheeky cheer. This show is perfect for ushering in the holiday season with its blend of iconic tunes and aquatic fun.

3. The Jolliest Elf In a charming twist, the North Pole's own talent show is out in the open for the world to judge. As the elves vie for the 'Jolliest Elf' title, families are invited to vote for their favorites, making this an engaging watch party event.

4. Oh, Snap! Christmas is Coming Join Santa and his elves in an interactive race against time to boost the cheer in the Cheer-o-Meter. This show calls on children and parents to bring the spirit home by participating in on-screen fun.

5. Moonbug Kids Holiday Morphle, Arpo, Buster, Baby Daniel, and other beloved characters from the Moonbug series dive into holiday misadventures. They deliver gifts, explore traditions, and inevitably stir up laughter.

6. Om Nom Stories - Christmas Om Nom delivers his brand of festive antics, demonstrating unique ways to celebrate, from trimming the tree to opening gifts. "It's about learning and laughter, and this little green monster has a way of reminding us what joy looks like," remarks Gruninger.

7. Gigantosaurus - Christmas Edition Experience the prehistoric holiday spirit as Giganto and friends learn about giving, singing, and having snowy fun in these holiday-themed episodes.

8. Holiday Yule Logs Imagine a yule log with a hint of magic and interactive play. This family-friendly feature is perfect for settling down with hot chocolate and enjoying the ambient glow of seasonal joy.

9. Happy Holidays from Chuck E. Cheese Let the renowned Chuck E. Cheese and his band lead a holiday extravaganza full of tunes and chuckles for the whole family.

10 Other leading shows on Kidoodle. TV with holiday specials include: Pinkfong! Baby Shark’s Christmas collection, Peppa Pig’s Snowy Mountain & Holiday Yule Log Play-Along. Access the full holiday list here!

Kidoodle.TV’s safe, and free environment ensures that peace of mind accompanies every moment of fun. As Neil Gruninger puts it, "Trust is the foundation of shared experiences. It’s why we’ve created a space where kids can explore, laugh, and learn without parents having to worry."

So as the holiday lights flicker and excitement fills the air, gather round, tune into Kidoodle.TV, and indulge in the delights and thrills of family-friendly shows designed to brighten your holidays.

Discover more at and create unforgettable holiday memories with curated content that’s as responsible as it is enchanting.

Families can feel good watching Kidoodle.TV knowing that their viewership helps APMC give back to communities in need through their Social Impact work, including the popular Grocery Giveaway where viewers can sign up for a chance to win $10,000 in groceries for a year (drawn every Friday). Find out more at Kidoodle.TV.
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