V Shred Review - Does This Weight Loss Program Really Work?

*Results not typical. See V Shred reviews and testimonial support page for customer results

We see V Shred ads everywhere and millions of people have signed up for their fitness programs. But does V Shred actually work? Here’s a closer look…

Exercising regularly and being in shape provides countless benefits. But millions of Americans are still struggling to lose weight, stay active, and take care of their body. V Shred is on a mission to create a new fitness movement - one where anyone can easily access a “minimum effective” dose of workouts and diet programs that deliver profound results.

Millions of people have already joined the V Shred program to date. But does this program actually work? Here’s a closer look

What Is The V Shred Program?

Co-founded by Vince Sant, a certified personal trainer and fitness professional, V Shred offers a range of workout programs and nutrition and supplement advice for all fitness levels.

Their best-selling Fat Loss Extreme and Toned in 90 Days programs offer a unique approach to carb reduction that delivers fast results and keeps you motivated every step. The V Shred App, available on the Apple Store and Google Play, lets you tap into the program from anywhere.

With 24/7 community support and world-class coaching, they make it easier to achieve your health goals. You can do their fitness programs at home or at the gym, use their supplements, or get 1-1 coaching for faster results.

Does V Shred Actually Work?

*Results not typical. See V Shred reviews and testimonial support page for customer results

*Results not typical. See V Shred reviews and testimonial support page for customer results

Thousands of V Shred reviews continue to pour in with many people reporting how easy the program is to follow and how they haven’t been able to get results with anything else.

“The Fat Loss Extreme program took commitment but was the best thing I ever could have found,” shares one of their customers, Jodi. “The workouts were straightforward, organized, and realistic within my time as a wife, mom, and professional. Thank you, Vshred, for changing this Mama's life!”

One of the most significant benefits of using V Shred is access to a team of certified trainers who can provide customized meal plans and VIP Coaching for a bigger transformation in 90 days or less.

The VIP Coaching program stands out with its “Metabolic Correction Protocol” that takes the customer through three phases for their transformation. Clients also get unlimited in-app messaging with the coach and weekly check-ins, along with customized supplements.

V Shred also has licensed dietitians and nutritionists available to address specific health issues. So, if you're looking for a personalized diet plan that caters to your food preferences and fitness goals, consider working with one of V Shred’s Certified Coaches.

“10/10 recommend for anyone who struggles with weight loss and dieting,” adds Danielle, another happy customer. “It's not a fad diet; it's not a bunch of non-working ‘magic pills.’ It's real food and a scientific model behind how the meals are selected for your day to make your body do all the work! My trainer Alexis has done a wonderful job putting all the foods I like in my meal plan.”

Why Is V Shred So Effective?

V Shred is set apart from other weight loss programs because they hinge on “Metabolic Confusion” methods, which are especially effective for people with a slow metabolism. They use a diet approach known as “Carb Cycling.”

It provides a “blueprint” for anyone who needs extra guidance organizing their meals and workouts with a focus on optimizing hormones. For many men and women over 40, hormone optimization is one of the keys to weight loss success.

With V Shred’s approach, you can eat extra carbs on select days and less on others, your metabolism keeps up without you getting hungry for more food.

“I have been with them for six weeks and have lost close to 20 lbs,” says Joe, a new customer. “I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to lose weight. My trainer, Andy, is terrific. He works with me and helps me reach my goals. Give it a try, and you won't be disappointed!! Thanks, V Shred!”

Anyone interested in trying one of V Shred’s weight loss or muscle building programs can get started by taking their free Body Type Quiz.

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