5 Must Tries on the Newly Opened Nice and Sweet Bakery Menu

Attention all coffee and pastry lovers, Los Angeles’s newest cafe, Nice and Sweet is now open. Located on Sunset Boulevard and La Brea, Nice and Sweet serves not only coffee and pastries, but sandwiches for you to grab a quick bite with your coffee. Open everyday from 8 AM to 4 PM, Nice and Sweet is the perfect one stop for one’s coffee or lunch break.

Walking into Nice and Sweet cafe, you are greeted with soft tones of green, beige and salmon pink. Expertly decorated by Kellie Patry, the cafe perfectly encapsulates the menu as well as the name “Nice and Sweet.” With Kellie’s minimalist approach to design, Nice and Sweet gives the feel of an escape from the bustling streets of Los Angeles into the world of a bakery and cafe. This setting makes the cafe the perfect place to catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee and alongside it, items from the bakery. And if you live or work near Sunset Boulevard and La Brea, Nice and Sweet is the perfect place to grab a pick me up to continue the day strong.

Building this menu based on recipes from his book Sugar High is Chris Sayegh. Sayegh wrote his book featuring 50 recipes that integrate cannabis into baked goods, and the Nice and Sweet menu brings these recipes to life, without the cannabis, giving guests an exclusive experience to taste these dishes as they were meant to be. With his extensive experience in the international private fine-dining scene, Sayegh has curated the perfect menu for Nice and Sweet, ensuring a balance between savory and sweet flavors. Sayegh’s inspiration for the menu comes from his travels, and many of his dishes feature spices from around the world.

Here are the five must try items from the menu: Brownie and Blackberry Cheesecake, Croissant with white chocolate matcha whipped ganache, Danish with Provolone cheese and mushroom, Zeus Ex: House roasted medium rare roast beef, sharp cheddar, horseradish aioli, shredded iceberg lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes served on house roll, and The Sisyphus: House roasted pork shoulder, Colby jack cheese, pepperoncini, smoked onion aioli, crunchy lays chips. These dishes are just a first look into the Nice and Sweet menu, but guests will have a variety of sweet and savory treats to sample.

Alongside the cafe menu is the coffee menu curated by Elliot Lau. Lau has been a specialty coffee curator for fifteen years, working with various coffee shops over the years. As the coffee consultant and curator for Nice and Sweet, Lau considered himself the “director of pleasure,” making sure each cup of coffee is just the right taste. The drinks menu consists of espresso, americano, macchiato, cappuccino, latte, vanilla latte, lavender latte, espresso tonic, filter, cold brew, and tea— along with these staple drinks, the menu will have additional specialty drinks each season.

What makes Nice and Sweet the new go-to spot in Los Angeles is their efforts to not only create the best coffee, pastries, and sandwiches, but the magical atmosphere they have created. By creating a pocket in the universe of LA to escape to and refresh, Nice and Sweet holds promise of soon being the talk of all of Los Angeles.

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