Guilty Chocolates Review: Don't be Salty and Pineapple Express

Guilty Chocolates, the brainchild of two chocolate enthusiasts in Melbourne, was born to spread their love for artisan chocolate and general joie de vivre to the everyday consumer. Beyond indulgence, it's a story of personal growth and finding balance in life. Think of it as a delicious metaphor for embracing new beginnings and savoring the present moment. Every bite calls you to embrace a sense of radical freedom for your own individuality and explore what gives you pleasure.

After hearing about Guilty Chocolates from a friend and the founding principles of the company, my curiosity led me to purchase a couple of their products. With a super clear layout and design, the website provides all you need to know about the Guilty Chocolates product line, including ingredients and storage instructions. After perusing through the offerings for only a few moments, the Don't Be Salty and Pineapple Express flavors jumped out at me.

Don’t be Salty is a new-age twist on an old classic. With salted caramel and sea salt anchoring the flavor profile, I was hooked from the start. If this wasn’t enough already, Guilty Chocolates takes it one step further by using only the finest milk chocolate that is 100% ethically sourced, GMO-free, and Palm-Oil free. This perfect balance of sweet and salty is challenging to put down. With 80g per bar, you have an opportunity to share the experience or lean in and indulge solo.

If Don’t be Salty is an elevated take on a traditional flavor, Pineapple Express opens a whole new world to your taste buds. Pineapple Express is made of 88% dark chocolate cacao, with large slices of Australian dried Pineapple and Persian Rose Petals running the show. The combination of fruity and floral is the mascot for any romantic experience. If you need an excuse to bring chocolate into the household outside of Valentine’s Day, here it is.

With the out-of-body experience I was exposed to, it’s difficult not to go back for seconds (and thirds). Fortunately, I hear Guilty Chocolates plans to expand its repertoire to include hot chocolate, ice cream, and a protein range, in addition to its growing chocolate bars lineup. Whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a loved one or something sweet for yourself, Guilty Chocolates should be at the front of the line every time.

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