GLD and Lil Durk Unveil "Only The Family" Jewelry Line Celebrating Resilience and Unity

GLD, the renowned jewelry brand from Miami, has teamed up with rapper Lil Durk to introduce their latest collection, "Only The Family." Known for their high-profile collaborations, GLD continues to engage with influential artists, having previously partnered with icons like A$AP Rocky and Wiz Khalifa.

The new collection draws inspiration from Lil Durk's personal journey from Chicago's South Side to stardom. Consisting of eight unique pieces, the collaboration celebrates themes of authenticity, community, and personal growth. These designs are not just accessories but symbols of resilience and aspiration, each telling part of Lil Durk's story.

Lil Durk commented on the collection, stating, "This collection is a tribute to where we come from, our development, and the family we have formed. It invites our fans to participate in our story, wearing these pieces as emblems of resilience, unity, and personal growth."

The collection features exquisite craftsmanship with 14k gold and hand-set stones, including standout items like the OTF Family Pendant and the OTF Baguette Pendant, both adorned with the “Only The Family” monogram. Additionally, the line offers an "Almost Healed Pendant" and the OTF Baguette Infinity bracelet and necklace, symbolizing enduring connections. The Baguette Crescent Moon Pendant, inspired by a custom piece from Lil Durk’s collection, rounds out the offering.

The campaign, captured by photographer Dana Scruggs, features Lil Durk alongside OTF artists, reflecting their personal styles merged with GLD’s distinctive designs. Christian Johnston, GLD’s founder and designer, explains, "This campaign allows consumers to embrace our pieces as a part of their personal narrative, intertwined with the ethos of OTF and GLD, establishing a unique connection and sense of community."

Since its inception in 2015, GLD has attracted a dedicated celebrity following and guarantees lifetime quality for every piece sold. Beyond jewelry, GLD and Lil Durk are launching a career program for Chicago high school students, offering them new educational and professional opportunities.

The "Only The Family" collection is priced from $148 to $229, with exclusive solid gold versions ranging from $12,500 to $50,000. For further details or to purchase, visit

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