Select: Your Key to LA's Elite Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Casa Madera

As Los Angeles buzzes with the energy of endless opportunity, Select emerges as the premier membership and concierge service that unlocks the city’s finest experiences with exclusivity and elegance. Founded by Carlo Cisco, Select offers a gateway to an enhanced lifestyle that's within reach yet still aspired to by many.

Carlo Cisco explains, "Our mission is to continually improve the lives of our members. At its core, Select not only saves our members time and money, but delivers elevated experiences." This commitment is evident in the partnerships Select has forged across Los Angeles, offering exclusive benefits at renowned venues like Casa Madera for vibrant dining, Yamashiro for its panoramic city views, and BOA for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Select's membership not only simplifies luxury but amplifies it. Members enjoy benefits such as 20% off their bill at Crustacean and complimentary drinks at high-profile spots like Sushi Roku. Cisco emphasizes, "These perks ensure that every outing delivers unique value and an enhanced experience.”

The service also extends to LA's vibrant event scene. From gallery openings to rooftop soirées, Select members can gain entry to some of the city's most exclusive gatherings. Select recently hosted a members-only Social Night at the Highlight Room. Cisco notes, “LA has held some of our largest events, including our Emmys and Golden Globe Pre Parties, and collaborations for LAFW and the Maxim Hot 100, among others.” These events are carefully curated to deliver unique experiences while fostering connections among Los Angeles’s elite, enhancing both personal and professional lives.

Select members-only Golden Globes pre-party at Bootsy Bellows in West Hollywood.

To tailor its offerings, Select employs an in-house concierge team deeply embedded in the LA lifestyle, ensuring recommendations and experiences that resonate with the local culture. "Our concierge service is not just about fulfilling requests—it's about anticipating the needs and desires of our members before they even have to ask," says Cisco.

As Select continues to expand its presence in Los Angeles, it evolves to meet and exceed the high expectations of its members. "We’re always looking to elevate our offerings and expand our network in LA and across the world. Our goal is to be the world’s leading membership and concierge membership, and by some measures, we already are." Cisco states, confident in the continued trajectory of the brand.

Select offerings span well beyond LA. The company offers insider pricing with leading lifestyle brands like Tumi, Maui Jim, BMW, and many others, business offerings including UPS and HP, unpublished rates with over 150,000 hotels and resorts, and a new VIP status and amenity program featuring VIP check-in, upgrades, credits, and amenities with premier brands like the Four Seasons, Peninsula, Ritz Carlton, Waldorf Astoria, Rosewood, Conrad, and many others.

From LA to Tokyo, Orange County to Dubai, Select aims to curate and elevate its members’ experience wherever they are.

For Los Angeles residents and visitors seeking to elevate their experience of the city and across the globe, Select offers more than just a membership—it provides a passport to a world usually reserved for the few. Interested in stepping up your lifestyle game? Explore the benefits and apply for your Select membership here.

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