Dan Worra – Leading with Integrity and Compassion

Dan Worra

Dan Worra’s story begins in the small town of Rantoul, Illinois, a community known for its strong values and close-knit atmosphere. Growing up in Rantoul, Worra was surrounded by a supportive family and neighbors who instilled a sense of responsibility and a commitment to service. These formative experiences laid the foundation for Worra's future endeavors.

Pursuing a degree in economics, Worra developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills that would later become invaluable. His path took a significant turn when he joined the U.S. Navy, where he demonstrated exceptional skill. Over a 24-year career, Dan Worra accumulated over 2100 flight hours in the EA-6B Prowler, participated in 55 combat missions, and completed 640 carrier landings on 11 aircraft carriers.

One of Worra’s notable roles was serving as the Senior Advisor to the Minister of the Interior in Afghanistan. In this position, he navigated complex international challenges and demonstrated strategic governance. His academic achievements were also recognized when he was named a Conrad Scholar at the Naval Postgraduate School, underscoring his commitment to continuous learning.

Transitioning to Civilian Leadership

After retiring from the Navy, Dan Worra moved into civilian roles, where he continued to exhibit leadership skills. His first significant civilian role was at General Electric, where he served as a Field Service Engineer. In this position, he applied his military-honed skills in a new context, demonstrating adaptability. He quickly advanced to become the Northwest Field Service Manager.

Notable achievements marked Worra’s tenure as Executive Director at the Port of Anacortes. He was instrumental in driving improvements and fostering a culture of excellence. His contributions earned him the Distinguished Service Award from the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association. Under his guidance, Cap Sante Marina was named Marina of the Year for Customer Service by Marina Dock Age Magazine.

Leading Camp Korey

As CEO of Camp Korey, Dan Worra focuses on creating adaptive programs for children with life-altering medical conditions. His leadership emphasizes integrity, compassion, and empathy. He fosters a diverse and inclusive environment, ensuring that the programs meet the unique needs of each child. Worra’s approach to leadership is rooted in empowering his team and viewing mistakes as learning opportunities. This philosophy drives the organization's success and ensures that children and families receive the highest care and support.

Worra’s vision for Camp Korey involves creating an environment where differences are celebrated, and understanding is cultivated. He believes that by fostering a supportive and inclusive community, Camp Korey can help children and their families navigate their challenges with dignity and hope.

Community Engagement

Beyond his professional roles, Dan Worra is deeply involved in his community. He is an active member and Treasurer of the Anacortes Rotary Club, aligning with Rotary’s mission to provide service, promote integrity, and advance world understanding. His involvement in Rotary allows him to contribute to local and international projects.

Worra is also involved in his church, serving on the Stewardship Committee. This role involves ensuring that the church’s resources are used effectively to support its ministries locally and abroad. His participation in the Pacific Northwest Waterways Association and the Economic Development Alliance of Skagit County further showcases his commitment to fostering economic and social growth in his region.

Influences and Personal Philosophy

Worra draws inspiration from various sources, including Howard Behar, a former Starbucks executive known for prioritizing people over profit. Behar’s emphasis on a supportive and respectful culture resonates with Worra and influences his leadership style. Worra aims to create a similar environment at Camp Korey, where the well-being of employees and the children they serve is paramount.

Reflecting on his career, Worra emphasizes the importance of integrity, honesty, compassion, empathy, and understanding. He believes that these values are essential for effective leadership and personal fulfillment. Worra advises others to take risks, trust in themselves and those around them, and surround themselves with supportive people.

One of Worra’s defining moments was his retirement from the Navy, a day of pride for him and his family. The support of his wife and two children was crucial throughout his military career, and he credits them with much of his success. Worra’s mantra—“mission, family, work hard, have fun”—guides his decision-making and helps him maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Looking Ahead

Looking to the future, Worra is dedicated to expanding Camp Korey’s reach and impact. He is committed to continuous learning and improving the lives of children with medical conditions. His dedication to community service and the organization’s mission remains central to his work.

Worra aims to enhance Camp Korey's financial stability, ensuring its programs continue growing and serving more families. He understands the fundraising challenges and is dedicated to telling Camp Korey’s compelling story to attract more support. His leadership at Camp Korey and active community involvement underscore his dedication to making a positive impact.

A Balanced Life

Balancing professional commitments with family life is essential to Worra. He values the time spent with his wife and children, recognizing the importance of family support in his career and personal well-being. This balance is crucial to his philosophy, ensuring he can give his best to his work and family.

Worra's typical day begins early, as he prefers to be first in the office. He uses the quiet morning hours to tackle administrative tasks and plan the day. Worra is actively involved with his team throughout the day, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment. His hands-on approach helps him stay attuned to the needs and challenges of his team and the children they serve.

In addition to his responsibilities at Camp Korey, Worra remains engaged with his community roles. He attends meetings and events related to his work with the Rotary Club and other local organizations, ensuring he stays connected to the broader community. These activities reflect his commitment to service and provide opportunities to advocate for Camp Korey and its mission.

Worra’s day often extends into the evening, balancing professional commitments with family time. He places a high value on spending time with his wife and children, recognizing the importance of family support in his career and personal well-being. This balance is critical to his philosophy, ensuring he can give his best to his work and family.

Final Thoughts

Significant achievements in the military and civilian sectors mark Dan Worra’s leadership journey. His dedication to service, community engagement, and fostering a supportive environment has impacted many lives. At Camp Korey, Worra leads with integrity, compassion, and a deep commitment to the organization’s mission.

His story illustrates the importance of service in both professional and personal spheres. By focusing on the needs of others and fostering a supportive community, Worra has created a lasting impact on the lives of many. His leadership at Camp Korey and beyond continues to inspire and demonstrate the profound difference that dedicated service can make.

Dan Worra’s approach to life and leadership proves the power of integrity, empathy, and dedication. His journey from serving his country to leading a nonprofit organization reflects his commitment to making a positive impact. Through his work, Worra inspires others to lead with compassion and purpose, creating a legacy of service and leadership that will endure for years.

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