California Attorney Matthew Barhoma and Power Trial Lawyers Fight for Justice

Matthew Barhoma
Matthew Barhoma

Matthew Barhoma, Partner and Founder at Power Trial Lawyers, thrives on taking on the most challenging legal cases.

"I have always felt a sense of duty to stand up for others," Barhoma said in a recent interview. "There is no better place to do that than in the personal injury or criminal defense arena."

Barhoma, a Los Angeles-based trial lawyer, legal analyst and commentator, is frequently sought by major media outlets for his extensive legal knowledge. He has been featured on FOX News, Forbes, Los Angeles Times, CourtTV, Vice News, People Magazine and more, bringing a wealth of litigation experience to every decision-making table.

He is frequently quoted in major print media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Newsweek, Business Insider, MSN News, Yahoo News, DailyMail and People.

"Hard work is in my DNA," Barhoma shared. "And I bring that to everything I do. So, whether preparing to appear before a judge or jury or negotiating a relatively small insurance settlement, I am never outworked by the other side."

Matthew Barhoma Is Pushed By Purpose

The emerging trial lawyer is one of California's most respected criminal defense and civil courtroom attorneys.

Barhoma's mission is deeply personal.

"During high school and college, I always saw lawyers as heroes," he shared. "I especially aspired to be a trial lawyer who helped those with catastrophic cases and injuries."

His journey toward a legal career has been profoundly influenced by various inspirations, including notable figures who have made significant contributions to personal injury law.

"At the core of my aspiration is a deep-seated commitment to advocating for individuals grappling with catastrophic cases and injuries and seeking justice on their behalf," Barhoma explained.

Matthew Barhoma's Background and Legal Career

Barhoma completed his undergraduate studies at the University of California, Irvine. He then pursued his Juris Doctor (J.D.) at the California Western School of Law in San Diego in 2016.

"For me, the decision to pursue a career in law was not merely a professional ambition but a deeply ingrained calling to serve as a voice for those silenced by tragedy," Barhoma shared. "Whether through negotiating fair settlements for injured clients or managing litigation or complex cases to hold parties accountable, I am committed to leveraging my legal skills to seek justice and alleviate the suffering of those grappling with catastrophic facts or injuries."

Matthew Barhoma's journey toward becoming a lawyer is characterized by a convergence of influences, ranging from the inspirational examples set by notable figures in personal injury law to a heartfelt commitment to positively impacting the lives of individuals facing adversity.

"As I embark on this path," he said, "I am guided by the belief that the pursuit of justice is not merely a profession but a profound calling to uphold the principles of fairness, compassion, and advocacy in service to those in need."

Matthew Barhoma's Cases That Shaped His Career

Matthew Barhoma said he always envisioned representing high-profile cases and "aiding individuals dealing with catastrophic facts." He has reached that moment three times in his career, starting with the media-frenzy representation of Tory Lanez.

Tory Lanez, a well-known rapper, faced legal troubles when he was charged with assaulting Megan Thee Stallion in 2020. The case garnered significant media attention, highlighting issues of violence within the music industry and raising discussions about legal processes and celebrity justice. Lanez's case was notable for its high stakes and massive public success as an artist, making it a pivotal moment in Barhoma's career as a trial lawyer.

"I had the pleasure to represent Daystar Peterson (AKA Tory Lanez), whom I believe is truly innocent," Barhoma explained. "Shortly after becoming his attorney, Daystar Peterson also enlisted the help of Jose Baez, someone I consider a hall of famer when it comes to high stakes lawyers. Together, Jose and I reviewed Daystar’s case and found no credible evidence leading to his conviction. We took it upon ourselves to seek a new trial for Peterson."

A Major Payday: $375,000 for a Couple in Premises Liability

The second major case that influenced Matthew Barhoma's early career involved a couple who had reckoned home damage, causing ruin to their whole home.

"Before our representation, the insurance company offered the couple a sheer $25,000," Attorney Barhoma explained. "The amount could not possibly cover the damage. Desperate, the couple was reluctant but tempted to accept. They needed every dollar and thought $25,000 was all they could get for their damages."

After Power Trial Lawyers reviewed their case, Barhoma was determined to fight for the couple. He was able to reconsult their entire property. The insurance company spent $375,000 in construction costs. After reviewing the couple’s insurance policy, Barhoma found a seperate policy for displaced living, which allowed the couple to have a temporary living location while construction transpired. He also negotiated for displaced living benefits for the couple. As such, they were conveniently moved to another home comparable to their property while construction was pending.

"The most defining moments in my career occur when I can use my law license to help someone and make them whole," Matthew Barhoma said. "That's also why I have a passion for personal injury law—I seek to help individuals with catastrophic injuries where I can impact their lives in a meaningful way."

The Release of Earl Snoddy

Barhoma says the third case that shaped his career involved working with a retired, seasoned district attorney to free an innocent man named Earl Snoddy. Mr. Snoddy served 27 years in prison before Barhoma and a retired veteran prosecutor came together pro bono to gain Mr. Snoddy's freedom.

"Together, we negotiated for the client's freedom," Barhoma shares. "We fought the case aggressively and finally gained the client's freedom. The case garnered Los Angeles media attention. The prosecutor and I waited outside the jailhouse for the client to walk free. And we enjoyed our first meal together."

Barhoma looked into Snoddy's case and said he was wrongfully convicted based on a lack of evidence linking him to the crime. "Wrongful conviction is one of the most unfortunate things, and it too is a catastrophic injury to one’s liberty," Barhoma said.

Matthew Barhoma's dedication to justice and advocacy defines his career and inspires those he represents. His unwavering commitment to his clients ensures that each case he takes is pursued with the utmost diligence and integrity.

Fairness is at the heart of everything he does.

Matthew Barhoma Fights For Clients

While most attorneys may settle personal injury and trial-intensive cases, Matthew Barhoma knows the importance of rejecting low-ball offers. He has the courtroom experience necessary to take a case to trial and fight for the compensation figures his clients deserve. And as seen in other notable cases, Matthew Barhoma has the network to enlist other powerful attorneys, adding value to any kind of case Barhoma comes across.

He is experienced in complex litigation, often with multiple litigants and steep discovery, and actively develops a comprehensive legal strategy for his clients in the most complicated cases.

Barhoma's highly regarded courtroom experience has made him one of the industry's most sought-after and emerging attorneys. He founded Power Trial Lawyers (PTL) in December 2017, and nearly seven years later, the firm has massive successes to show for it.

He is a double threat, using his creative skills to make deals while leaning on his quick wit and savviness to protect people's interests.

As one client said, "Matt is more than a lawyer. He is a friend and coach in my corner."

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