QC Kinetix Welcomes Renowned Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop to Leadership Team

 Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop

In February 2024, Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop, a prominent surgeon, educator, and pioneer in regenerative medicine, made a significant decision to forgo retirement and join QC Kinetix as its National Medical Director. With a career spanning 37 years as an orthopedic surgeon, educator, and pioneer in regenerative medicine, Dr. Sheinkop's appointment was a natural fit for QC Kinetix, a leader in regenerative medicine.

He brings unparalleled expertise and vision to the executive leadership team. After nearly four decades dedicated to joint replacement surgery, Dr. Sheinkop stepped into his new leadership role because he believes in the transformative power of regenerative medicine.

"Joining QC Kinetix is the continuation of a journey for me, a third career where retirement is not in my vocabulary," Sheinkop stated. "I'm excited to contribute to a field that offers a needle instead of a knife, helping patients through skeletal and muscular regenerative medicine."

QC Kinetix is not just a leader in regenerative medicine, but also a champion of patient-centered care. The company harnesses and engages the body's natural ability to renew itself, providing improved function while avoiding surgery for musculoskeletal discomfort.

This commitment to patient well-being has propelled QC Kinetix to become one of the world's fastest-growing regenerative franchises. The company recently landed on Entrepreneur's Top 10 list of "2024 Top New and Emerging Franchises" due to its cutting-edge, non-surgical alternative for joint and pain relief.

Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop Is Ready To Lead QC Kinetix To New Heights

As the new National Medical Director, Dr. Sheinkop's role at QC Kinetix is pivotal.

He will lead the medical management team, focusing on enhancing protocols, spearheading research and development, and ensuring the franchise remains at the forefront of medical innovation. His leadership promises to steer QC Kinetix towards new horizons of excellence and patient-centered care.

The CEO of QC Kinetix, expressed his enthusiasm about Dr. Sheinkop's appointment, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Dr. Sheinkop to our team. His vast experience, innovative mindset, and commitment to regenerative medicine make him the perfect leader to guide our medical team.”

The CEO of QC Kinetix says Dr. Sheinkop's vision aligns perfectly with QC Kinetix's mission to provide cutting-edge, patient-centered care.

"His leadership will undoubtedly propel QC Kinetix to new levels of excellence and help us better serve our patients across the country," the CEO enthusiastically shared.

A First Generation American

Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop grew up in a blue-collar family where perseverance and hard work were a way of life. His beloved parents had fled war-torn Eastern Europe between World War I and World War II due to discrimination and poverty. Mitchell and his brother were later born in the United States, beginning a new chapter for the Sheinkop family in America.

"They saw higher education as the best means of assimilation and medicine as the pinnacle of achievement," he shared.

Sheinkop was born and raised in Chicago with midwestern values. He served in the United States Air Force Reserve as a first lieutenant and captain in the Medical Corps. He got his undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois and medical training at Chicago Medical School, culminating in a residency at Northwestern University.

Reflecting On His Journey

Dr. Mitchell Sheinkop recalls a pivotal moment that shaped his entire career.

"On the first day of my internship at the Chicago Cook County Hospital, we were assembled and advised to seek a Vietnam-era deferment via The Berry Plan," Sheinkop recalled. "That allowed physicians to postpone obligatory military service until they had finished medical school and residency training."

He says his parents' vision and tenacious spirit still inspire him today. "If my parents hadn't set sail when they did, things might not have worked out so well," he shared.

Dr. Sheinkop credits his family's courage and determination for his success. "Their bravery gave me the opportunity to pursue my dreams and make a difference in the field of medicine. Every step I've taken is a testament to their legacy."

Today, he resides in Chicago with his wife of 56 years, Sharon, and the duo continues an active lifestyle as gardeners and skiers, further underscoring the importance of regenerative medicine in maintaining a high quality of life.

Mitchell’s career as a surgeon and visiting lecturer has taken him across the globe, where he has provided educational sessions in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Hungary, Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Romania, and Austria.

He has authored over 70 works in various esteemed publications and peer-reviewed journals, establishing his reputation as a leading orthopedics and regenerative medicine authority.

Dr. Sheinkop stated, "I am from a hardworking, blue-collar, Midwestern family. I attribute my success in medicine to a strong work ethic, a little luck, and not being afraid to seize opportunities. I went into orthopedics, for example, during the Vietnam era because I recognized the need for that specialty."

About QC Kinetix

QC Kinetix is a Charlotte, North Carolina-based franchise company leading the way in helping people maintain an active lifestyle using comprehensive regenerative medicine treatments to address musculoskeletal and joint pain.

QC Kinetix uses the body's healing properties through state-of-the-art natural biologic treatments as alternatives to invasive surgery and addictive pain medications. The healthcare franchise operates in over 100 cities, and rapid growth is underway throughout the United States.

The company's clinics are dedicated to maximizing the body's ability to help heal and repair itself from the inside out for vastly improved function and overall quality of life.

In his new position at QC Kinetix, Dr. Sheinkop will head the medical management team, focusing on the evaluation and enhancement of protocols, as well as spearheading research and development initiatives to keep the franchise at the cutting edge of medical innovation. He aims to incorporate physical therapy and weight loss into existing treatment frameworks to elevate patient results and overall satisfaction, positively impacting the entire brand. Additionally, Dr. Sheinkop will focus on refining the training and certification processes for practitioners, underlining the critical role of evidence-based medicine within regenerative care practices.

"Joining QC Kinetix is an exciting opportunity to advance the field of regenerative medicine further," said Dr. Sheinkop. "I look forward to working with the team to develop new treatment protocols and improve patient care across all our clinics."

QC Kinetix opened its first clinic in Charleston, South Carolina, in 2017. They began franchising in 2020 and have expanded their footprint in countless cities nationwide. Clinics are concierge-style and offer patients advanced regenerative medicine treatments as an alternative to pain medications and surgery. Recently, their services have expanded beyond treating pain to include hair growth treatments and men's hormone replacement therapy.

Looking forward, QC Kinetix aims to hit 250 open locations in the United States by the end of 2024. The brand is also setting its sights on international territories, exploring expansion in the United Kingdom and Australia.

For more information, visit www.qckinetix.com.

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