How Roman Sledziejowski from Savant Strategies Leads His Team to Success

Roman Sledziejowski
Roman Sledziejowski

Global businessman Roman Sledziejowski is the vice chairman of Savant Strategies, a company he co-founded in 2013. Built on the principles of quality over quantity, Savant Strategies offers value-oriented services to a carefully chosen group of clients, ensuring they receive top-tier consulting services.

Sledziejowski emphasizes three key aspects he values in a job: fulfillment, growth, and impact.

"First and foremost, I need to feel fulfilled in whatever job I am doing," he said. "I also need to grow both professionally and personally as a result. It is essential that my work has a meaningful impact on the organization and that my efforts are both appreciated and appropriately rewarded."

Roman Sledziejowski On His Leadership Style

He believes his colleagues would describe him as unwaveringly committed and resolute.

"I was always unconditionally committed to my work," he said in an interview. "Once a well-thought-out decision was made and a corresponding strategy determined, there was never any doubt in my mind about the course of action. I consistently stood my ground when it came to executing a plan, regardless of the challenges faced along the way."

His dedication and steadfastness have earned him the respect and admiration of his colleagues, reinforcing his reputation as a reliable and driven professional. Sledziejowski attributes his greatest strengths to resilience, patience, and calmness under pressure. These qualities have been instrumental in his ability to navigate various points of his life, especially when facing significant adversities.

"I am a rather calm person in general and rarely allow my emotions to get the upper hand," Sledziejowski says, "however when I am confronted with adversity, my ability to think clearly and calmly rises to a whole different level. It is a rather unique quality that I possess and helped me tremendously at various points in my life."

Roman Sledziejowski – Background and Career

Roman Sledziejowski is a seasoned investment professional and entrepreneur known for his leadership in various financial and real estate ventures. His career began at Prudential Securities in New York City, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become the Vice President of Investments in 2002 and later the First Vice President of Investments in 2004. By the age of 25, he had become the Senior Vice President and Investment Officer of Wachovia Securities, then the third-largest investment firm in the United States.

Roman ventured into real estate investing while at Wachovia Securities, acquiring and redeveloping nearly 400 residential units between 2004 and 2009. In 2006, he founded Innovest Holdings, a financial holding company with subsidiaries specializing in broker-dealer services, online investing, real estate investment, and offshore investment advisory.

In 2007, he co-founded MyPlace Development, a real estate development company in Poznan, Poland. Roman demonstrated resilience and strategic thinking despite the financial challenges during the 2008 crisis.

In 2013, he co-founded Savant Strategies, an international management consulting firm.

After taking an extended leave of absence due to personal issues in 2016, Roman returned to the firm in 2021 as Vice Chairman. Under his leadership, Savant Strategies has expanded its client base, diversified its service offerings, and achieved significant revenue growth. His strategic vision and ability to inspire and motivate his team have been key drivers of the firm's success.

From Poland to the United States

Sledziejowski's life began in Poland, but he soon found himself in New York City, where his passion for investing and finance took root. Starting with just $800, he began trading stocks on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and impressively turned that initial investment into $18,000 within three years. While his high school peers focused on social activities, Roman was more interested in stock tickers and working part-time at Salomon Smith Barney, part of Travelers Group.

Roman pursued his studies at Columbia University, majoring in Economics, while maintaining a full-time position at Smith Barney. At just 18 years old, he became the youngest licensed stockbroker in the United States, managing over $40 million in assets before he was even turned 21 years old. His early achievements set the stage for a distinguished career in the financial industry.

Sledziejowski is known for his ability to lead by example, build trust and confidence within his teams, and navigate organizations through periods of crisis and growth.

"I was fortunate enough to work with some exceptional people during my lifetime," Sledziejowski said. "Most memorably, I once was part of a start-up technology venture working alongside a brilliant entrepreneur from South Africa who, in years that followed, went ahead to create multiple extremely successful businesses in various fields. What made the relationship special was that we practically understood each other without words. During meetings, a brief look at each other was sufficient to understand what the other was thinking and arrive at almost identical solutions to any discussed issue. He was, however, a vastly superior leader compared to me, and I had learned a lot from his brilliant skill of getting people around him to follow his lead nearly unconditionally in the direction crucial to the development of the enterprise."

Navigating Setbacks and Persuasion: Roman Sledziejowski's Insights

In a recent interview, Roman Sledziejowski reflected on significant challenges he has faced in his career and his strategies to overcome them.

Regarding a recent setback at work, Roman shares, "The longer that I live, the more of such situations I gather under my belt along the way. Fairly recently, I grossly misjudged both the business potential and acumen of its management team in a project with which we are deeply involved as management consultants. I became so enchanted with the prospects for the project that I delved much deeper into the project than usual, introducing trusted personal connections to assist with the development of the venture and its path to success. Unfortunately, the project ended up being a failure for a number of reasons, primarily due to the lack of experience of the management team and the irresponsible decision-making practices. It was all a great personal disappointment for me, especially after becoming so involved."

When it comes to persuading others, Roman emphasizes the power of logic and hard facts. "I've always believed that logic and hard facts are the best friends of persuasive rhetoric. As long as the person on the other side is reasonable, it's not difficult to persuade them to see things your way, provided that what you're presenting is logical and reasonable. The only time I've faced challenges in this matter was when dealing with completely unreasonable people on the other end of the table."

Roman's experiences highlight his resilience and adaptability in the face of setbacks and his commitment to transparent, logical communication as a tool for effective persuasion.

Successfully Delegating Important Tasks: Roman Sledziejowski's Experience

Sledziejowski reflects on a time when he successfully delegated an important task, showcasing his ability to manage workload efficiently within his team.

"In our line of work, we often face a tremendous workload that needs to be addressed as soon as possible. When this occurs, it is paramount to efficiently delegate tasks, from the most basic to the most crucial," Roman explains. "I remember one instance when four of our largest clients were finalizing absolutely crucial transactions for the future of their organizations. This situation precipitated the need to assign some absolutely crucial tasks, normally handled by senior partners of the firm, to junior team members. This was done with great hesitancy from upper management, but there was no way to get the work done. In the end, not only did the junior team live up to the task, but they also did such an outstanding job that several received meaningful promotions within the organization immediately after."

Roman's ability to recognize and utilize the potential of his junior team members demonstrates his strategic leadership and confidence in his team's capabilities.

Moving Forward: Roman Sledziejowski's Vision

As Roman Sledziejowski advances in his career, his unwavering commitment to resilience, strategic thinking, and effective leadership remain at the forefront of his professional journey. His ability to navigate complex challenges, delegate crucial tasks, and inspire his team has solidified his reputation as a distinguished leader in the financial and consulting industries. With a clear vision and a steadfast dedication to excellence, Roman is poised to drive further innovation and success, guiding Savant Strategies and clients toward a prosperous future.

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